Friday, March 3, 2017

Teaser from C&T adventure

I originally posted this on the G+ community


AC: 18
HD: 10
Attacks: 1 Bite (2d6), tentacles (ensnare)
Special: see below
Move: 18
CL: 12

Facing a terror lizard is bad enough, but this one has been touched by foul kaos-energy. In addition to be an unnaturally large and strong example of the breed, instead of short forelimbs, it possesses a pair of ropy tentacles. These pseudo-pods lash out at a distance of up to 20' and - upon a successful hit - ensnare the target, pinning his limbs and drawing him to the beast, which bites at a +4 to hit. The victim can break free by rolling under his Strength on a d20-2. The tentacles can be severed with a successful attack roll at -2 and 10 points of damage in a single blow.

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