Friday, December 1, 2017

Life & Death mini review

I said I'd post my general thoughts on this product and I know it's been a bit, but here they are.

TL;DR - Good Stuff!

The longer version:

Life & Death: Zarth Edition is very nicely done. The adventures and the mini-setting of the Shattered Lands can be run as is or just as individual adventures. You can place it in Zarth or some other setting (notes are included for running with Class & Level games other than C&T). The adventures could be run a la carte or as a comprehensive campaign.

I really like the level of detail in the product: evocative but not exhaustive. Newt's colorful writing style is evident here as the text gives a nice flavor and a few nuggets of hard information, but doesn't overwhelm the GM with loads of details that may or may not fit his game. GMs looking for a more thorough setting or campaign may find it sparse, but it suits my preferences well.

The overall look of the product jibes well with the Crypts & Things Remastered rule book. The artwork is flavorful and the maps are efficiently simple. At just 64 pages, the reader can prep this for his group fairly easily without getting bogged down in a ton of minutiae.

My take? 4/5 screaming skulls.